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Church and synagogue construction, along with other worship facility projects need to accommodate a wide range of functions. Many include flexible space sanctuaries, specialized acoustics and state of the art audio visual systems. Weitz is experienced in building these types of facilities, from the traditional vaulted ceilings to a variety of unusual architectural features, as well as amenities such as bookstore or library space, educational space and nurseries. Weitz works with your worship center building committee to create the best solutions for your faith-based community.

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The integrity and professionalism that the Weitz team portrayed when we first interviewed them was certainly not a show. Those two key elements transcended throughout their entire organization and throughout the project. It did not matter who I might encounter on the site, if that person worked for The Weitz Company they all presented themselves in a very professional manner and I could certainly trust what I was being told."

– Gary Knapp, Building Committee Chairman
St. Andrew's United Methodist Church

The Weitz Company kept their word in every phase of our renovation project. They did a magnificent job of coordinating subcontractors and ironing out the normal problems that are to be expected in any sizeable construction project. I have been involved in several construction projects. I have never dealt with such a quality company. They are truly customer oriented and are people of integrity."

– Fr. Donald W. Shane, Pastor
St. Robert Bellarmine Church

Featured Projects:

St Andrew's

// NE

A 938-seat sanctuary addition with a 40 foot tall ceiling, new meeting spaces and eight […]

Hope Lutheran

// IA

A new church featuring several unique design features such as a cylindrical clerestory and a […]

First Baptist

// FL

A new addition with a 600-seat sanctuary, a baptistery, rehearsal hall and several multipurpose rooms. […]