Orlando International Airport – Terminal C Multi-Modal Connector Pedestrian Bridge & Rental Car Lobby  

Orlando, FL

The Weitz Company contracted with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) to design-build a new MCO Terminal C Multi-Modal Connector Pedestrian Bridge and Rental Car Lobby, including an estimated $113 million in construction costs and approximately 65,206 SF. 

The Terminal C Multi-Modal Connector Pedestrian Bridge & Rental Car Lobby procurement and design project will primarily focus on constructing an approximately 450 ft. long pedestrian walkway that is elevated, enclosed, and conditioned and an adjacent rental car lobby area on the north side. The rental car lobby will directly connect the new Terminal C with the existing multi-modal facility to serve up to four forms of passenger rail and all public and private ground transportation. The project will include rental car counters and queuing areas, multi-use information displays, interior landscaping, and preservation of all future capabilities for baggage rights-of-way and connection to future facilities and parking facilities. 

Upon completion in 2025, the project will provide accessibility for all individuals by including elevators, escalators, stairs, and four moving walkways – all compliant with the Americans and Disabilities Act. The newly built project will provide travelers with convenient access to Terminal C, the Train Station, and the Terminal Link people mover connected to the North Terminal and Parking Lot C. 

The Weitz Company is the builder teamed with Votum and Rhodes + Brito Architects.