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Building Desirable Communities to Fulfill the Needs of Students Now and in the Future

Having built student housing projects all across the country, including the nation’s largest development ever constructed under a public-private partnership, The Weitz Company is the construction partner every developer or university wants on its team. No matter if it is an on- or off-campus project, we will work with you to provide a sustainable, functional and safe building that students can call home.

We offer a construction experience characterized by collaborative relationships, innovative thinking and a vested commitment to value and complete customer satisfaction. Our construction professionals act and function as an extension of the development teams and universities themselves to support public awareness, community service and occupancy goals. Best of all, we have a proven reputation for quality and delivering units on time.

Our best communities are created through a collaborative and transparent partnership that is attuned to a developer, an institution and the student residents’ needs. That’s how we stay ahead of the ever-evolving ways students live, learn and connect and how we identify ways to positively impact owner value for needs that stretch beyond construction.


Square feet constructed nationally totaling more than $1 billion


Higher education projects completed


College and university clients in the last 40 years

“The thing I like about Weitz was they told us what they were going to do upfront. We pressed them pretty hard, they never wavered, they were extremely confident and it occurred exactly like they said it would unfold. They were very professional, very organized. I thought the communication was the key. But, even beyond that, was their approach to a construction project. They had a different approach than a lot of the contractors I deal with. They were very wise, very strategic in the way that they laid out the project and the way they completed the project from start to finish.”

Phillip Ray Vice Chancellor, Texas A&M University System

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