Weitz University

Welcome to Weitz University, a new program designed to expand contract opportunities for emerging and underrepresented business enterprises by providing training and resources to give participants the tactical knowledge and tools needed to grow and Win With Weitz.

Win With Weitz

Weitz University aims to eliminate barriers to success in construction procurement of emerging and underrepresented businesses through a series of modules, which provide valuable knowledge on 5 key topics: Quality Control, Safety, Contracts & Bonding, Cost Control, and Schedule Management. By participating in Weitz University, you will:

Gain Industry Knowledge

Participants will be given an overview of each topic, document templates, and real-world examples to illustrate the application of each concept and its importance to their work on a future contract.

Build a Strong Network

The instructors of these courses are highly skilled, providing an opportunity to build relationships and mentoring opportunities amongst professionals with decades of experience in their field.

Open the Door to New Opportunities

Graduates of the program will receive a Weitz University Certificate of Completion, a guided Weitz Company prequalification process opportunity, and will be added to future communications of upcoming job solicitations.

Interested in Participating?

More dates and locations coming soon. Please fill out the contact form below to stay up-to-date on upcoming classes.

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