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Providing Security and Reliability to Delivering Functionality and Data Access

Data center and mission critical construction requires specialized expertise and an awareness of the highly sensitive nature of these projects. These properties must remain fully functional, without interruption, even during power outages and natural disasters. Examples of these projects include military bases, hospitals, airports and data centers for the financial industry. With our extensive experience, The Weitz Company is a leader in mission critical and data center construction.

Weitz has a team of critical facilities professionals specifically focused on planning and executing the construction of data centers across the United States and beyond. Depending on the need or scale of a project, we are able to mobilize mission critical construction resources to various regions across the nation near 1 of our 14 offices (10 Weitz and 4 sister company) to build out a new, add to an existing or maintain any size hyper-scale facility.

We understand the unique requirements of mission critical and data center construction inside and out, making us the best choice for theseprojects. We have experience incorporating the redundant systems and fail-safes necessary to keepcritical facilities running and provide essential services, even during power outages. Whether the plans call for battery backup systems, fuel cells, renewable energy or other solutions, we can deliver . Our expertise and know-how make us the ideal data center general contractors to meet your project’s specific needs. Our design-build approach  means you will have a single point of contact throughout the entire process when you choose us as your data center contractors.

By selecting Weitz, you get a mature and experienced team that has conducted mission critical construction work around the world. We have a great focus on flexibility, schedule performance, and team safety. Adaptable and detailed, we can seamlessly integrate with your workflow and allow you to spend less time managing us and more time managing the changing nature of the world in which you do business.


Megawatts constructed in the last two years.


Data centers built globally totaling $1.5 billion


Critical facilities projects constructed by our global group totaling over $20 billion

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