Comarch Data Center

Mesa, AZ

Comarch Data Center is a 1.5MW, single-story, 32,400 SF, tilt panel building that consists of multiple primary data center halls, back-of-house support space, and administrative areas including workplace, meeting, and support areas for employees. The new facility is part of Comarch’s strategy to expand its business into the American market. The new center will also be a showcase for what is possible in the data center of today, and well into the future, and therefore includes high-tech amenities including security, lighting, and power redundancy. It will host infrastructure and applications, support and maintenance, as well as project delivery, business development, consulting services, and delivery of mission-critical IT systems. The Comarch Center serves as a flagship building with a public face. The facility is designed to be architecturally efficient as well as attractive, with the goal of being well-received in the region where it is constructed.