Lea Cheshareck

Senior Business Development Manager

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Building a Better Way Since 2022

Lea Cheshareck is our Industrial Senior Business Development Manager.

What makes Weitz such a great place to work?

Every day I’ve had at Weitz has been filled with another opportunity for learning something new. There are many great role models at Weitz who have spent years here sharpening their craft and are always willing to pitch in so we can win together! Weitz is also growing very quickly and expanding into new markets.

What is one thing everyone should know about The Weitz Company?

Weitz has an amazing culture where everyone works together. We succeed as a TEAM.

Something unique or interesting about me is …

I’m a bit nerdy, I love to read and am usually reading multiple books as well as a magazine or 2 at the same time. I love learning about new things!

Industry Memberships:

  • ULI
  • AAED
  • LCI
  • DBIA