PHX Sky Train Guideway and Maintenance & Storage Facility

Phoenix, AZ

Weitz was selected as the general contractor for Phase 1 and 1A of the dual lane guideway for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s automated train system called PHX Sky Train. The project scope of Phase 1 included concrete for 3.2 miles of running surfaces, steel guide beam for guidance and all electrical work necessary for the operation of the automated train system. Phase 1A was awarded to Weitz under a design-build contract to complete the train systems from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3. This included an additional 1.2 miles of guideway.

Weitz also completed a maintenance and storage facility, including the control center for the train systems and operations; administrative offices; maintenance area for light- and heavy-duty work on the 18 train cars; and the main power supply.

For more information on PHX Sky Train Stage 2 – Maintenance & Storage Facility, visit its project page below.

PHX Sky Train Stage 2 – Maintenance & Storage Facility

Building the WeitzWay

Weitz developed an under track LED lighting system with its in-house lighting expert to replace the originally designed lighting system, reducing power consumption and long-term costs. Weitz also designed the complete Emergency Walkable Cable Tray System that is used for emergency egress and to run ALL of the system wiring, fiber, etc. along the guideway. Additionally, the Radio Archway that is currently in use and will also be used in Stage 2 was designed by Weitz. This Radio Archway was a revolution for Bombardier and allowed all of its different radio systems to be consolidated into more centralized locations along the guideway, saving tens of thousands of dollars in total system cost.

The PHX Sky Train is designed to transport 3,000 passengers per hour per direction and serves, on average, 4.6 million passengers per year. The train’s ridership is dependent upon reliable service without interruptions. Using Weitz’s quality control plan, the project team was able to complete PHX Sky Train with zero warranty issues post revenue service. There were no issues with guide beams, propulsions, switching or the building.

During construction, Weitz created Quality Assurance Drawings from the many Bombardier sets of drawings. These QA sets allowed Weitz QA and Bombardier to simultaneously inspect specific areas of the work without needing multiple sets of drawings and also followed Bombardier’s sign-off process, thus speeding up the entire acceptance process by weeks at a time.

The maintenance facility was designed for expansion, with specific panels designated for future expansion. Existing services were run with the knowledge that expansion would be required and 3D modeling was used throughout for clash detection and expansion capability.

The project achieved 1,657 days without a lost-time accident!

“In my 34 years with Bombardier, I have never seen a better civil job than what The Weitz Company did here in Phoenix. It was truly a pleasure to work with your team … for me it was more of a partnership than just business. I feel I have made some friends from Weitz for life.”

Douglas R. Ostermeyer
Director, Bombardier Transportation Systems