Dell Round Rock Feature

Dell Headquarters Solar Grove

Round Rock, TX

The Solar Grove® at DELL® Headquarters was specifically designed and engineered with the vision of photovoltaic (PV) parking lot arrays visible to drivers on the nearby highway. The Solar Grove® is a part of DELL’s commitment to sustainability and includes two electric vehicle charging stations. The yearly power production is 131,000 kWh. Avoided emissions included 221,000 pounds of greenhouse gases annually, 165 pounds of sulfur dioxide annually and 112,000 pounds of displaced coal annually. The system is 100.54 kW DC in size. The configuration is 513 BP Solar Modules that are grid connected. There are 56 parking spaces. Solar Grove is a registered trademark of Envision Solar.




Envision Solar

System Size:

100 kW

Annual Energy Production:

131,000 kWh