Ozark Mountain Poultry Feed Mill

Magness, AR

The new $24.5 million plant has a manufacturing capacity of 12,000 tons per week of animal feed and 11,100 tons of ingredient storage. The scope of work included project development, engineering, permitting, site development, civil, structural, mechanical, and millwright installation.

The main mill structure was built using the slipform method of concrete construction and has a roof elevation of 189’-0”.   The receiving system includes truck and rail receiving of whole corn and soft stock ingredients.  Two (2) feed processing and pelleting lines; steam generating building; liquid ingredients tank farm and containment; and warehouse and welfare structure have also been installed.


Close coupling of utilities
Slipform construction method
One time material handling systems
Shallow basement concept
Mass flow hoppers
Gravity discharge of grain storage silos
Product recovery and “shrink” control systems
Batch feeder accuracy features
Loss-in-weight micro ingredient system