Synfuel Pyrolysis E-Grass Pilot Biofuels Facility

Golden, CO

This Synfuel pilot plant transforms E-grass into an environmentally safe biofuel, and is the first of its specific kind in the world. E-grass, a non-native plant to the U.S., is grown specifically for conversion into power. The plant species produces more biomass per hectare and higher BTU’s than any other known plant. When used as a fuel, it is projected to produce 8,000 BTU per pound.

Based on the results of the test plant, The Weitz Company has been issued a letter of intent for a contract to build several full-scale, commercial plants in the United States with consideration for other plants in Italy and South America. Each commercial plant will provide enough fuel to power a 130-megawatt power plant and will maintain on-site fuel tonnage of several million gallons each.