UMKC Miller Nichols Learning Center

Kansas City, MO

The transformation of UMKC’s Miller Nichols Library into the Miller Nichols Library and Learning Center represented a dramatic breakthrough for the university. It redefined the role of the library in campus life and serving as a “microcosm of the future” for collaborative education, access to a wide range of technology, student/faculty development and community outreach.

The Miller Nichols Learning Center classroom addition provides a dynamic mix of reconfigurable technology-rich spaces for informal study; student forums; spaces for student/faculty interaction and content production; collaborative classrooms; lecture halls; and a 250-seat community forum. The innovative iX Theater (Information Exchange Theater) provides a flexible technology “garage” space equipped with flexible power and data infrastructure, projection technology and versatile furniture systems to support the broadest range of student, faculty and community programming and collaborative education.

Since opening, it has been heavily utilized by students and was voted the most popular building on campus by UMKC’s student body.