ASU Reroofing

Tempe, AZ

This project consisted of removing the existing roofing system to accommodate the installation of a new PVC 60 mil R-30 roof system for five buildings located at the ASU Tempe Campus. During the programming phase, Weitz conducted 3D modeling of the roofs from as-built drawings, followed by field verification and evaluations. As a result, Weitz was able to create accurate and detailed shop drawings, which provided the owner with a well-defined scope of work for each roof of the project.

Of the total square footage slated for removal, Weitz removed 23,133 square feet. The remaining was done by an independent asbestos abatement contractor.

In addition to the removal and installation of the roofing system, Weitz’s in-house MEP specialist evaluated the existing HVAC equipment on the roofs to identify any equipment that should be replaced or updated. This effort ensured the electrical connections of the equipment were in compliance with current industry standards. The evaluation resulted in the recommendation of the removal of several pieces of abandoned equipment.The final product provides a

The final product provides a 20-year, maintenance-free roofing system for Arizona State University.