Lifting DSM to New Heights: Weitz | Turner Begins Construction on Des Moines International Airport’s New Terminal  

September 26, 2023  /  News Blog,

The Weitz Company, in a joint venture with Turner Construction, is excited to begin construction on Phase 1A of the Des Moines International Airport. Weitz | Turner is excited to partner on this monumental project that will boost air travel opportunities and overall travel experience for all passengers passing through the new terminal. 

This marks the start of the first of three phases for the airport’s overall project plans. Phase 1A of the new terminal building covers a 265,000 SF expansion that includes ticketing, outbound/inbound baggage handling and screening, security, offices, a pedestrian bridge connecting to the new parking garage, and a new concourse with rooms for five new gates, support areas, and a connection to the existing concourse. The additional gates will accommodate larger aircrafts, significantly expanding the airport’s overall passenger capacity with a new meter greeter space, concessions, and hold room amenities.  

As airports evolve, Weitz | Turner understands the importance of constructing a new terminal to enhance travel experience. The new Des Moines International Airport terminal will provide a high-class facility valuing the customer experience while encompassing new technology to support more efficient airline operations.

Dan Solem, Project Executive with Weitz | Turner – Des Moines International Airport 

The new terminal will reimagine the passenger experience, airline processes, and more at Des Moines International Airport where nearly three million passengers pass through the terminal yearly. The new terminal will help exceed the needs of those traveling as the number of visitors and business travelers continues to soar.  

The Weitz Company has completed dozens of landmark projects across Iowa, including its headquarters in Des Moines. Additionally, Weitz has over 40 years of aviation experience with a portfolio spanning around the globe. Including current work at Kansas City, Orlando, Phoenix, and Denver. 

Turner Construction has decades of aviation experience including projects at Denver International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport. 

The Weitz Company and Turner Construction are excited to partner again in Des Moines and bring their shared expertise to deliver an exceptional travel experience to all who visit Des Moines International Airport.