3 Things to Know About Baggage Handling Systems from BHS Weitz Subject Matter Expert Pat Marino  

October 2, 2023  /  News Blog,

The Weitz Company’s Aviation team is pleased to welcome Pat Marino to his new role as Project Executive, specializing as the company’s Baggage Handling System (BHS) Subject Matter Expert. Pat’s experience boasts an impressive career dedicated to baggage systems and airport terminal BHS CBIS/CBRA implementations for nearly 40 years. Pat has worked with almost 20 airports and multiple airlines around the globe to expand operational excellence and passenger experience. Recently, Pat was the Project Manager in charge of the new Centralized BHS at Kansas City International Airport’s New Terminal, designed to handle more than 2,900 bags per hour.  

The baggage handling system is an essential and complex part of any airport operation, so Pat recommends keeping these three things in mind when designing or upgrading a BHS system:  

  1. There are two types of BHS – Conventional Conveyor Centralized and Individual Carrier Systems (ICS). It’s vital to select the one best for your operation.  

Conventional Conveyors are legacy slider beds with belt conveyors. Individual Carrier Systems focus on tubs transported on a track. The technology advantage of this system is centered on the tubs that are RFID-equipped, which provides 100% tracking accuracy throughout the entire BHS process.  

The correct baggage handling system depends on the intricacies of the airport itself.   

  1. Start with the endpoint in mind.   

As challenges arise on any project, implementing proactive measures early is vital when handling these complex systems. Pat understands what an integral role BHS plays in the overall airport operations. Without an effective BHS operation identified early on in project planning, an airport risks the facility lacking both operational and overall passenger experience.   

  1. The baggage handling system can impact the entire airport operation.   

On average, 2,500 bags move through the system in an hour – handling up to 11,000 bags daily. To ensure positive consumer travel, the baggage handling system must be efficient.  

Built upon collaborative relationships and customer satisfaction, the Weitz team and I are excited to pave the future for baggage handling systems. With all the different technological advancements, I cannot wait to see the growth of these systems as my career continues to serve airports across the nation. With our customer-focused approach, we understand that baggage handling systems are at the heart of the airport, dictating travel efficiency.

Pat Marino, Project Executive Weitz – Aviation

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