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Firm History

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The Weitz Company of today descends from a small carpentry shop founded in 1855 in Fort Des Moines, Iowa by Charles H. Weitz, an entrepreneurial German immigrant. As the construction company grew, Weitz handed down his craft and sense of values and quality to his sons, who in turn passed the family business on to their children for four generations.

Always an innovator, The Weitz Company pioneered the development of precast concrete exterior wall construction and became one of the largest producers of architectural precast concrete. During World War II, The Weitz Company supported the war effort by constructing ammunition plants in record time.


March 1995 marked the culmination of 140 years of Weitz family leadership and the emergence of an employee-owned company purchased debt-free by 36 stockholders. The number of employee shareholders continued to grow to more than 300 in the mid-2000s. During that time, The Weitz Company grew from a $250 million general contractor to a $1 billion industry leader, a true testament to the company’s long history of client-centered services and financial stability. In December 2012, the company was purchased by global engineering and construction contractor Orascom Construction Limited, positioning The Weitz Company for even further growth and construction opportunities both nationally and internationally.

Customer Satisfaction

Weitz offers a construction approach characterized by innovative thinking and a commitment to superior quality, value and complete customer satisfaction.