Karmyn Babcock

Executive Vice President, Strategy Execution

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Building a Better Way Since 1997

Karmyn is responsible for driving innovation and continuous improvements across the organization. She is a construction engineer with an advanced degree in civil engineering and construction management.

What makes Weitz such a great place to work?
Weitz is a place where it is safe to make mistakes. Maybe an odd thing to say about an employer, but mistakes are a great way to learn. If people are afraid to do something wrong, creativity and innovation become stifled.  A leader or manager who “has your back” creates space for learning. This has always been my experience with Weitz and it is one of the things I really appreciate about the company.

What is one thing everyone should know about The Weitz Company?
We are here to serve you! Weitz exists because clients need a service and we understand that the client defines what is valuable. I would not go to purchase a vehicle and drive away with a truck if I wanted a car – the truck would not be of value to me. No different than our clients, we are here to listen and understand your value, then execute a product to fulfill your need.

Something unique or interesting about me is …
I live in a home built in 1895. This summer, after 17 years in the house, I believe we will have renovated every room, the shell, garage and landscaping. At least round one!

Industry Memberships:

  • Construction Information Executive Group
  • Iowa Women in Architecture
  • Lean Construction Institute
  • Oracle Advisory Council
  • Procore Advisory Council

“My experience at Weitz has been that we listen to new ideas, figure out a way to try them 'safely' (without too much harm to employees, clients or the bottom line) and then learn from those experiments.”