Weitz’s Commitment to Student’s Professional Growth 

July 27, 2023  /  News Blog,

The Weitz Company is committed to the success of every student who takes part in our internship program, equipping them with the professional tools and experiences to catalyze their growth and career development. During their internships, students gain invaluable learning and development experiences within the construction industry.  

As Weitz continues to grow and evolve as a company, the internship program has also expanded. 

From 2021 to 2023, the intern class has nearly doubled in size. Students have traditional operations and field roles across construction jobsites, as well as internship opportunities in marketing, estimating, preconstruction, legal, accounting, and IT.  

Weitz provides plentiful opportunities for young professionals to learn with hands-on experiences that create real impact within their teams.

“My internship has been full of learning a different build process than I have previously worked with. This has allowed me to learn more about interior work and the safety processes that follow it. I keep learning every day on the job allowing me to grow my construction safety knowledge and I look forward to continuing to learn throughout my internship.”

Mallory Leazer, Safety Intern for Weitz Mission Critical

Whether in the office or on a jobsite, Weitz prides itself on creating a meaningful internship experience. Interns are fully supported by all Weitz employees and provided every tool to succeed including a peer partner that serves as another point of contact for any questions.  

Interns are fully immersed in the community at Weitz and included in all team events during the duration of their internship.

“One of my favorite things while working for Weitz would have to be how close I have become to the team. From talking and getting to know the team, to lunches out, and even golf, it has all been a pleasure.”

Nick Martinez, Project Engineer Intern for Weitz Industrial

The Weitz Company is proud to have many interns return for additional internship opportunities or full-time positions to continue their learning and growth. This summer alone, twelve interns returned to the company and had the opportunity to work on new projects or in new positions. Colton Hurst, Estimator for Weitz National, was an intern before deciding to go back to school and eventually landing back at Weitz.

“I really enjoyed the people that I worked with during my internship and I also got to experience how good a company Weitz is to work for.”

Colton Hurst, Estimator for Weitz National

If you are interested in learning more about Weitz internship opportunities, visit: https://www.weitz.com/careers/internships-co-ops/