Grow With Weitz: From Intern to Project Executive, Solem Strives To Grow the Next Generation of Construction Leaders

July 21, 2023  /  Grow with Weitz,

With more than two decades at The Weitz Company, Project Executive Dan Solem is not just building projects, he’s building leaders in the company.

With his extensive background, Solem helps his team understand how to manage the construction schedule, budget, and logistics that bring a project to life.

Solem’s expansive portfolio includes working on a variety of projects including federal government buildings, K-12 schools, higher education facilities, office buildings, hospitals and health care centers, and manufacturing facilities. He’s looking forward to diversifying his project experience even further with a long-awaited terminal expansion at the Des Moines International Airport, which Joint Venture Weitz/Turner was awarded last year

“Some people like big projects, some people like small projects. I like the more complex projects, the ones that have more moving parts, logistical challenges, and which require extensive planning in order to be successful.”

Dan Solem, Project Executive – Weitz Iowa Commercial

Solem entered Iowa State University to study engineering and found himself gravitating to construction. During summers in college, he worked on a road construction crew and interned at Weitz, where he got to work on a variety of projects with different managers.

“It reinforced to me that I was making the right decision – that I liked what I was doing. I also liked the fast pace of construction,” he said, ultimately graduating with a degree in construction engineering and civil engineering.

Solem has taken opportunities to Grow With Weitz, learning new skills and participating in training to stay up to date with the latest advancements in the field.

Early in his career with Weitz, he had the unique opportunity to lead the virtual design and construction (VDC) efforts for the company, at a time when this technology was just entering the construction industry. VDC creates prototypes with 3-D elements that are brought to life and serve clients long after the project is completed. Reflecting back on this opportunity so early in his career, Solem is still grateful that Weitz selected and supported him through this invaluable learning opportunity. Now Solem encourages younger colleagues to take the time to learn the foundational skills of construction to fully understand and master each step during their career development.

“Dan is an example of someone who is always ready to take on new challenges and grow in his role at Weitz.”

Andy Bates, Operations Director for Weitz Iowa Commercial.

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