Weitz Unveils Two New Employee Recognition Awards to Spotlight Top Talent

May 3, 2024  /  News Blog,

Nearly four decades ago, The Weitz Company established annual companywide awards to recognize top talent across the organization. This year, we are thrilled to unveil two new additions to our prestigious lineup of company awards: the Chris Harrison Core Values Award and the Brian T. Baas Selflessness Award.  

Both awards were named in honor of two employees, Chris Harrison and Brian Baas, whose careers exemplify customer advocacy, Weitz core values, innovation, and leadership. These awards will recognize individuals who embody these same values and qualities, solidifying the legacy that both Harrison and Baas have built with the company over their tenure.  

The Chris Harrison Core Values Award

Core values are the foundation of our company’s culture and our guide for the future.  Our company’s core values serve as principles for building trust, fostering positive relationships, and nurturing growth while delivery premier results to our customers. The Chris Harrison Core Values Award will recognize individuals who, without exception, exemplify The Weitz Company’s five core values. 

Awardees will have displayed these values through their daily actions and encourage those around them to operate at the highest standard of excellence. They demonstrate our company’s commitment to integrity and excellence, understanding how these are integral to any project’s success.  

The Brian T. Baas Selflessness Award

Selflessness is a critical attribute to have on any jobsite to promote a true team culture. These individuals display and create an environment built on empathy and understanding that often leads to proactive problem solving when obstacles arise. These employees take the time to listen actively, empathize with the client and project team’s challenges, and offer effective support and solutions to address specific needs.  

The Brian T. Baas Selflessness Award will recognize individuals who, without exception, exhibit a selfless spirit and dedication to the greater good of our organization and the success of their project teams. These awardees take a long-term perspective by fostering strong teams, stepping up to take on new challenges, championing personal growth and development for colleagues, and prioritizing company advancement.  

At Weitz, we firmly believe that our employees are the best the industry has to offer. We strive to cultivate and recognize talent at every level. The Brian T. Baas Selflessness Award and Chris Harrison Core Values Award are another testament to two exemplary employees whose talents and achievements future leaders will continue to emulate for generations to come.