Weitz Plant Services Expands Services & Expertise to Greater Omaha Market  

March 20, 2024  /  News Blog,

After more than 75 years of offering premier plant service expertise to enhance facility maintenance across Eastern Iowa, The Weitz Company’s industrial team is excited to expand their plant services expertise to businesses in the Greater Omaha area.  

Since 1980, The Weitz Company’s Omaha office has been a leader in building projects throughout the emerging suburbs, including retail developments, sports and recreation facilities, commercial office spaces, and more. With the growth of manufacturing and industrial businesses in the Omaha and Lincoln areas, Weitz’s Plant Services team is eager to bring decades of facility maintenance experience to new and existing businesses looking for facility support.  

Plant Services, also referred to as facility maintenance, encompass the essential processes of maintaining infrastructure, capital assets, equipment, and other appliances. These services ensure the smooth operation of industrial facilities without causing disruptions to ongoing production. 

Currently, the Omaha Plant Services team collaborates closely with local millwrights and pipefitters to address the maintenance needs of various industrial facilities in the area. 

As our presence expands in the Omaha and Lincoln industrial market, we’re thrilled about the new opportunity to incorporate plant services, enhancing the value we offer to both current and future clients.

Brian Mahlendorf, Vice President & General Manager for Weitz Omaha 

Established in 1948, Weitz Plant Services has been dedicated to providing maintenance, operations, and handling small- to mid-sized capital projects for manufacturing and food & beverage companies across Eastern Iowa. With over 200 professionals, the Plant Services team offers comprehensive support from project inception, through equipment installations, and for the remainder of the project’s life cycle. The remarkable growth of the Plant Services team in Cedar Rapids is a testament to the unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services every time. 

With our expertise firmly rooted in Cedar Rapids, our plant services represent over 75 years of dedicated knowledge and experience. We thoroughly understand the intricacies of industrial work, guaranteeing our clients receive unmatched service and solutions. With the opportunity to expand in the Omaha/Lincoln area, we’re enthusiastic about enhancing facility maintenance throughout the region.

Jeff Leonard, Operations Director for Weitz Industrial – Plant Services  

Weitz Plant Services is thrilled about this new opportunity to deliver the same exceptional experience to clients in Omaha, Nebraska. With decades of expertise at their disposal, the plant services team can offer a comprehensive turnkey solution for all types of industrial projects.