Brian Mahlendorf

Vice President & General Manager

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Building a Better Way Since 2001

Certifications: Construction Quality Management (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

Brian is known for his reliability and for ensuring project success. He will assure that our team meets or exceeds your expectations. As a leadership representative of your project, Brian will provide leadership and direction to the team so as to provide an effective and efficient delivery of your project.

After spending his first years with Weitz as a project manager and now serving as our project leader, Brian has an understanding of key outcomes for customers and tailoring solutions to their needs. Additionally, his past project management experience has given him first-hand knowledge of onsite constructability, leading customers and project teams throughout the development and delivery of the project. Brian has developed many long-term relationships with the clients of his projects and they trust him seamlessly executing their work. Brian’s role on your new home is Project Integrator; he brings team building skill to help assure all involved in the project are driving toward your key project goals and culture.

What makes Weitz such a great place to work?
There is a real sense of trust and cooperation within Weitz. The people truly believe in achieving the “outcome” and doing whatever it takes to get there.

What is one thing everyone should know about The Weitz Company?
Any company can be your builder, but the successful process is very dependent on our people and their effort. I guarantee that clients will see our staff’s effort.

Something unique or interesting about me is …
I have an appreciation for ice fishing, which should be a miserable activity based on it being cold, boring and lonely. However, I have found ice fishing to be my zen place.

Industry Memberships:

  • City of Omaha Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Commercial Real Estate Summit
  • Omaha Construction Industry Pension Fund
  • Nebraska Independent College Foundation
  • Sarpy County Economic Development Corporation