Weitz Part of Joint Venture Selected to Build New Kansas City Airport Terminal

November 9, 2017  /  News Blog,

Kansas City will get its new airport terminal, and it will be built by the joint venture construction team of Clark Construction, The Weitz Company and Clarkson Construction.

The single terminal airport project at Kansas City International was approved by a public vote on Tuesday. The Kansas City (Mo.) City Council selected Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate and its Clark-Weitz-Clarkson joint venture team on September 21. Less than seven weeks later, citizens of Kansas City have given a thumbs up to proceed with the project.

“Congratulations to everyone who has worked tirelessly to ensure Kansas City will have the world-class airport it deserves,” said Geoffrey Stricker, managing director of Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate. “With the yes vote for a Better KCI, our team is ready to continue our work and make this project a reality.”

Weitz will draw upon its local and national resources to help construct the new terminal, which promises to deliver greater convenience and more amenities to travelers.

“This is a significant step forward for Kansas City, and we are extremely excited to be part of Edgemoor’s construction team with Clark and Clarkson,” said The Weitz Company President and CEO Kevin McClain. “We are all committed to delivering a world-class airport to Kansas City and appreciate the support shown by the community at the polls to advance this project forward.”

Construction on the new airport terminal is tentatively scheduled to begin August 2018. Completion is estimated at end of 2021.