The Importance and Impact of the Commissioning Project Manager On Mission Critical Jobsites 

September 13, 2023  /  News Blog, Videos,

Michael Eissa Shares His Journey to Commissioning and His Impacts on Data Center Build and Turnover 

In the Data Center construction industry, one essential part of delivering the project to the client is Commissioning. Commissioning ensures the quality of the systems throughout the data center meet the owner’s project design requirements. The Commissioning Manager (Cx Manager) oversees the commissioning process through every stage of construction and leads the final project turnover.  

In this meticulous process, the Cx Manager excels at organizational problem-solving, implementing tracking processes, communicating expectations clearly, and is an expert at Excel. Weitz Mission Critical’s Sr. Cx Manager, Michael Eissa, stepped into his role just over three years ago when he joined the Weitz Mission Critical team. He had a passion for quality control and saw an opportunity to take his skills to the next level.  

I love my work as a commissioning manager. I love the execution piece because most people think that commissioning is just happening inside the office or on the screens. However, commissioning is happening in the field. On the execution side of commissioning, you see the work being completed on the site and the software and firmware being updated on the site. You see everything that was implemented on the site work as one.

Michael Eissa, Sr. Cx Manager for Weitz Mission Critical
To learn more about the Cx Manager role, walk through a day in the life with Michael in the video above.

Contrary to what most believe, commissioning doesn’t only happen at the end of a project; it’s embedded in all phases of construction. The process aims to enhance project delivery by focusing on verifying and documenting that all of the client’s systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained to meet pre-determined standards. This requires a multitude of record-keeping. On one data center project alone, there can be over 300 pieces of equipment to commission in each colocation space, and over 3,500 documents to manage, verify, complete, and upload per colocation in order to turn over. 

Commissioning Project Managers are critical for Data Center builds, and The Weitz Company is always looking to expand our team of experts. If you are interested in joining the Weitz team as a Commissioning Project Manager visit our careers page at: