Safety Starts Here: Preconstruction & Estimating  

July 6, 2023  /  News Blog,

For those unfamiliar with the construction industry, it’s easy to assume safety is solely kept for the jobsite. This is not the case. The Weitz Company places the utmost importance on safety at every phase of a project and safety considerations begin long before our boots hit the ground. In fact, some of the most important work begins during the preconstruction phases, by selecting trade partners with shared safety values and setting jobsite expectations that will carry through to a successful project completion with no safety incidents. The Weitz preconstruction and estimating teams work closely with our clients to take their vision and create a comprehensive blueprint to guide each project. Part of this process includes identifying and hiring trade partners that best fit the job. These trade partners are instrumental to the project’s success, making it essential for our companies to align on project expectations and company values, including safety. 

Before any trade partner arrives onsite, they are vetted by the preconstruction and estimating team to make certain that they not only understand and are capable of meeting our safety expectations but also share our passion for safety.

Shannon Spencer, Preconstruction Manager for Weitz National

Weitz has a comprehensive screening process to find trade partners that match our safety values and project goals. This process begins at the initial contact stage when Weitz holds introductory conversations with potential trade partners to discuss various safety topics, including current EMR, PPE requirements, and necessary OSHA 30 and OSHA 10 requirements for onsite employees and foremen. The Weitz team will also review company-specific safety policies, such as Ladders Last, Jobsite Safety Analysis (JSA) requirements, and completion requirements for the Weitz’s Safety Orientation that all onsite team members must complete before starting.  

Prior to even distributing plans to a potential trade partner for bidding, the preconstruction and estimating team reaches out, either in-person or via a virtual meeting, for an initial conversation to see if the potential trade partner will meet our strict qualifications for safety, financials, size, and culture.

Mike Grever, Preconstruction Director for Weitz National

Once a potential trade partner passes the initial review, a meeting is scheduled to discuss the project and its requirements, including safety. During this in-person meeting, all applicable safety topics are discussed in depth and cover policy meanings and their field implementations. During this stage, the Weitz team begins to understand the level of commitment each trade partner has to safety and how our company values align. 

Finally, in the Buyout stage, the Weitz preconstruction and estimating teams transition to help drive the buyout process by working with the trade partner’s operations team to conduct contract reviews and execution to ensure a thorough understanding and agreement regarding safety between Weitz and the trade partner, cementing our shared safety culture before boots even hit the ground.  

Safety is always at the forefront, from project inception to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Selecting trade partners who approach safety with this same diligence is foundational to a project’s success, no matter the market or industry. Learn more about Weitz’s safety commitment at: