Tyson Poultry Feed Mill Facility

Center, Texas

The Tyson Foods project is a design-build 14,000 ton per week poultry feed mill.

The project includes three separate slipformed concrete structures: main batching tower, bulk loadout tower and a 20,000-ton grain storage and grinding structure.

Included is the design and self-performing construction of the millwright work, flatwork concrete, slipform concrete, structural steel erection, installation of equipment supports along with their service platforms and the management of several smaller subcontractors.  Weitz will also be leading the startup/commissioning team.

Building the WeitzWay

As part of the Lean Last Planner® philosophy, Weitz puts a large focus on collaboration in the field to eliminate waste and drive efficiencies. On-site meetings were held every day with a representation from each Weitz crew and each trade group to encourage good communications between all parties. These planning meetings were led by the Weitz superintendent and focused on safety and schedule. Needs were identified and collaboration was stressed in order to make sure the project as a whole continued to towards our common goals of safety, schedule conformance, and efficiency.