North Transit Facility

Phoenix, AZ

This project is a two-story remodel and addition to an existing bus transit facility. The major scope of work completed by Weitz included removal and replacement of existing underground storage tanks; upgrade of existing LNG system; new bus canopies; new security gates and security kiosk; new roof and HVAC equipment; facility-wide ADA improvements and remodel of first and second floors for offices and bus driver lounge, showers and meeting area. Coordination of several stakeholders including the City of Phoenix, Veolia Transportation and two different unions (bus maintenance and bus drivers) was a key component of this project. The facility was required to be operational during all construction work. A diagram and schedule was presented each time a new area started. For the office building work, temporary trailers were ordered and permitted at which time a 30-day notice was presented to vacate the office building and move into the temporary trailer.