Hamma Water Desalination Plant


An engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project, this 52.8-million-gallon-per-day water desalination plant had a scope of work that included reinforced concrete; steel structure; piping; electrical (high and low voltage facilities) and auxiliary utilities and buildings; two intake pipelines (each 1,772 feet long); and one discharge outfall pipe of 938 feet (each line is a 63-inch inner diameter, reinforced concrete pipe).

The seawater intake pumping system is compromised of and includes:

  • An onshore intake structure and pumphouse
  • Seawater pumphouse bar screen(s) leading to the intake basin
  • Four, 331/3 percent capacity vertical wet pit seawater intake pumps (one standby)
  • Materials of construction are suitable for seawater environment with variable speed drives/controllers
  • Stop logs or other device to allow an individual pump chamber to be drained for access during maintenance (drain sump and pump)
  • Associated piping, valves and expansion joints and instrumentation for seawater service