Galleria Office Tower

Denver, CO

Galleria has two office towers that are in need of modernization. This project will update those towers and add new amenity spaces to the occupied building. The project includes a new exterior patio, a 2nd-floor infill, two new staircases, a new curtain wall, replace 13 existing skylights, and 400 LF of new glass handrail.

Weitz was awarded to be the CM/GC for the Galleria Public Space Renovation Phase 1, a project that includes a full lobby area remodel and shared spaces upgrades. This work included an extensive MEP package, most notably the re-work of the HVAC systems, flooring updates, architectural wall systems, and a high-end lighting package.

This project building is LEED Certified.

Building the WeitzWay

Timeliness is key in determining if any project is successful. Our team went above and beyond ensure we finished on time, on budget, and kept the client satisfied the whole
time. The majority of Weitz’s awarded projects are CM/GC,
because of that we have a complete understanding of the CM/GC process and the expectations in ensuring all parties work in unison. One example that comes to mind during this project was something no one was aware of. While performing exploratory demolition in the early stages of the project we discovered more than four layers of tile flooring in the main corridor. This cause the design team to have to quickly come up with a solution to mitigate the changes. Being proactive, we worked alongside applicable subs to understand any what changes they may have. Doing so allowed us to adjust the budget and rework the schedule to ensure all parties were happy.

Weitz provide preconstruction services for all phases of construction. The number of change orders was limited through constant communication between owner, architect, & general contractor. With the owner allowing us to release subcontractors early, this eliminated any delays in procurement by being able to prepurchase equipment and store material at our equipment storage facility.

Like every Weitz project, the Galleria project was delivered with the highest level of quality. A key point in ensuring quality is maintained is choosing the best suited partners. Our subcontractor selection process goes beyond competitively bidding each trade. We factor in things like available manpower, financials, applicable experience, and previous projects with Weitz. Because of this we are able to provide the owner with a great project team that can deliver at the highest quality.

The Weitz Company renovated the Galleria project for a code-compliant result and in conjunction with applicable requirements. Once way we did this was thru diligent preconstruction oversight and working closely in conjunction the architect to ensure all code items are met and inspections were on time. The most challenging aspect to this project was working inside an occupied office building. Similar to a campus setting, keep disruptions to a minimum is key. We achieved that through an “open line” of communication to ensure the team was aware of what task was being performed each day.

This project building is LEED Certified. All aspects involved
in that certification was planned for an implemented during construction.