Creekstone Wastewater Treatment Expansion & Upgrades

Arkansas City, KS

In 2020, Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, LLC partnered with The Weitz Company to double their production capacity through various facility upgrades. Key enhancements included new site access, bone grind operations, cattle pen expansion, welfare addition, stormwater management expansion, and wastewater treatment expansion and upgrades.

Central to this effort was the wastewater treatment expansion and upgrades, vital for meeting increased production demands and future environmental regulations. The project focused on removing animal byproducts from water, aligning with NPDES requirements.

The wastewater treatment project was carefully phased and sequenced to minimize operational disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted production. This strategic approach emphasized operational efficiency and seamless integration, enhancing productivity and environmental compliance for Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, LLC.

Wastewater Treatment Components:

  • Pretreatment building expansion: Expanded infrastructure for new equipment and processes.
  • Pretreatment equipment installation: Installed specialized equipment to remove contaminants from wastewater.
  • Pen waste gravity clarifier: Designed for solid waste separation via gravitational settling.
  • Pre-anoxic basin: Supported initial biological treatment stages in an oxygen-deprived environment.
  • Aeration basin expansion: Increased capacity for aerobic treatment processes.
  • Additional lagoon: Expanded storage capacity for more efficient treatment.
  • Tertiary system addition: Implemented for stringent water quality standards.
  • Final clarifier addition: Separated solids from treated water for clarity and purity.
  • Sludge holding optimization: Enhanced management of generated sludge for efficiency.
  • MCC expansion: Expanded motor control center infrastructure for increased demands.
  • Dewatering expansion with dedicated building: Provided facilities for sludge dewatering and staff operations.

These enhancements collectively ensured that the wastewater treatment system could effectively remove animal byproducts from the water, meeting regulatory standards and safeguarding environmental quality.