City of Coral Gables New Public Safety Building

Coral Gables, FL

The new Public Safety Building functions as the headquarters for the City of Coral Gables’ Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Operations Center (EOC). At 116,000 SF, it houses a 911 call center/first responders’ dispatch center, EOC Command and Operations, the City’s Human Resource Department and Information Technology Department. The Public Safety Building includes a 74,000 SF, 160-stall parking garage and is located on a tight corner on the outskirts of downtown Coral Gables. The project also features a firing range, armory, apparatus bay, holding cells, conference rooms, Police Chief and Fire Chief offices, sleeping quarters, and hurricane and storm event operations center.

Building the WeitzWay

As always, The Weitz Company’s top priority is safety. For a project like the Coral Gables Public Safety Building, there were a great deal of safety measures needed for the stakeholders and surrounding community. Communication was key to make sure all parties were safe and well informed throughout the project. Each month, our team developed a newsletter released to the public on the City’s website to keep everyone up-to-date on the project’s progress.