Grow With Weitz: Estimator Reflects on Achievements and Emphasizes the Importance of Mentorship

June 22, 2023  /  Grow with Weitz,

Whether she’s calculating the costs to build a multi-billion-dollar factory, sprawling data center, or new airport automated transportation system, Weitz estimator Leslie Policar knows she’ll run into challenges along the way. But through more than two decades of experience in construction, Policar finds that the projects with the biggest challenges and most exacting details are some of her favorites. 

As an estimator, Policar analyzes a variety of factors to calculate the ultimate costs of construction projects, scanning the horizon for factors that could potentially drive up costs and spotting ways she can stay on budget for Weitz clients.  

On top of that, she needs to understand the unique challenges that come with each type of project, be it a mission critical, aviation, hospital, or senior living project. 

“It’s a lot of knowing a little bit about a lot of things,” she said.  

Of all the types of construction, Policar tends to gravitate to industrial and aviation projects most. Some of those projects, such as building the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Sky Train, also have strict security protocols to follow. 

“Managing that, just making sure you have all the right parts and pieces where you need them is always fun to figure out,” she said. 

Policar studied housing and urban development at Arizona State University with thoughts of being a developer. A college friend of hers worked for The Weitz Company, and Policar joined her, working for the company her senior year of college and staying on after graduation. 

Beginning her career as a lead estimator, Policar’s ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and chart a course forward have helped her transition into the leader and expert she is today. 

Never one to let an opportunity for growth pass her by, Policar has worked to deepen her knowledge of the construction industry and develop her skills working with clients, advancing to the position of chief estimator for Weitz in Arizona. She took advantage of opportunities to meet with and learn from industry and company leaders and now looks to share her experiences and know-how when guiding the next generation of construction professionals. 

“Leslie is a leader who is generous in sharing her time and expertise with colleagues who want to learn more. She has been a mentor to many during her time at Weitz.” 

Mina Wassef, General Manager for Weitz Southwest Business Office

The Weitz Company’s continued expansion in markets like Arizona relies on dedicated professionals like Leslie Policar. She is a critical force and a shining example of what it means to Grow With Weitz.  

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