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The Weitz Company has a team of project management and construction professionals dedicated exclusively to the development of industrial projects.

We have enjoyed several long-termWebsite SOQ Image relationships among our industrial clients, some of them lasting over 50 years. Our primary areas of expertise include Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Packaging and Distribution, Fertilizer and Chemical, Seed, Feed and Grain Operations, Plant Services and Renewable Energy.

Our experience in these industrial product lines includes construction management, design and feasibility assessments, installation and commissioning of production lines.

In addition, we self-perform millwright, equipment installation, concrete and steel, providing superior fit and finish to meet customer quality standards. Our experts are skilled at managing and delivering  projects requiring certification for specialized industries including food safety, seed, and chemicals.

Weitz provides a unique “Integral” approach on the front end of a project by developing, analyzing and implementing solutions to optimize receiving, storage and shipping operations, as well as other stages within the supply chain.

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"We are very pleased with the quality of service that The Weitz Company provides. Several visitors to the corporate headquarters have commented on the construction quality and workmanship. Thank you for your excellent service."

– Stephen J. Antonik III, Senior Project Engineer
Quaker Foods & Beverages

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