360˚ Facility Life Cycle

360° Facility Life Cycle™ is a Weitz method for evaluating and performing the  requirements to complete tasks during a facilities life cycle, from cradle to grave. It identifies the design, construction and maintenance tasks during all stages of the life of a facility. We understand the ongoing requirements to design, construct, and maintain a facility. When forming a partnership with Weitz at any point of a facilities life cycle, you can be assured there will be no gaps in transiting from one phase to another.

The 8 phases /

Conceptual Design (Conceptualize)

Developing a practical solution for your process problems or conceptualizing a “state-of-the-art” greenfield facility requires seasoned individuals to fully comprehend your needs and objectives.

Site Selection & Soils Exploration (Explore)

Avoid complications with site selection issues; e.g., soil bearing capacity, facility layout, rail access, truck traffic, site constructability, flood plains and other site specific concerns.

Preliminary Engineering & Budget (Design)

Take the concept to the next level by completing an adequate amount of preliminary engineering to allow estimators to develop a comprehensive estimate and equipment list along with a detailed scope of work and preliminary project schedule.

Design-Build Construction (Build)

Take advantage of a design-build contractor’s engineering, ingenuity, and innovation by executing a design-build contract. Design-build is a method of project delivery in which one entity – the design-build team – works with you under a single contract to provide design and construction services.

Commissioning, Preventative Maintenance & Operating Expenditures (Initiate)

Mitigate unplanned breakdowns by creating scheduled recurring work requests for preventative maintenance. Schedule operating expenditures and preventative maintenance work by using one of many commercially available software programs uploaded with our complete equipment list, purchase order data and maintenance manuals.

Shutdown & Maintenance (Maintain)

When your facility is intentionally put out of service, be sure that it comes back on-line at the scheduled time with the ability to operate at its full potential.

Capital Improvements & Supplemental Maintenance (Sustain)

Simplify the upgrading of physical assets such as industrial buildings, processes or equipment. Supplement your internal maintenance teams with a professional third-party contractor, complete with expertise, tools and adequate staff.

Expansion Projects (Grow)

Develop a complete “master plan” identifying areas of planned growth and expansion. Begin with the end in mind, preventing costly missteps by knowing the road map of the facilities future.