White Paper: Innovation in the Field Using the EXO-01 Overhead Exoskeleton

September 21, 2022  /  White Papers,

The Weitz Company continually strives to put safety at the forefront of our projects. Safety innovation is part of our culture. Mission Critical jobsite teams enjoy the challenge of taking a mundane or difficult task and making it more user-friendly. Weitz aligns these values to implement incredibly useful pieces of equipment to aid our teams in safety, improve task performance, and innovate our projects.

In this white paper, Gabriel Nido, Project Safety Executive at The Weitz Company, explains how Hilti’s wearable Exoskeleton device helps our Mission Critical jobsites mitigate the risk of ergonomic injuries in the workplace by reducing strain and fatigue for users working on overhead and shoulder height work.


The overhead exoskeleton is an incredible tool that helps prevent injuries and reduces fatigue for our employees. Finding technology that aligns with our values of safety and innovation is incredibly useful in our data center projects across the country.

Gabriel Nido, Safety Project Executive, CSP, The Weitz Company