White Paper: A Better Way to Estimate Using the Weitz Model Builder

August 8, 2022  /  White Papers,

The Weitz Company’s Mission to “Build a Better Way” can be especially important during the preconstruction phase, which is why Weitz developed the proprietary Model Builder to create a detailed estimate within minutes using conceptual information provided in early design documents or via a unit matrix.

In this white paper, David Mellema, Preconstruction Director at The Weitz Company, explains how The Weitz Model Builder is used during the preconstruction process and the three vital benefits that come from it: Quickly Assess Project Viability; Create Meaningful Conversations – Early; and Set a Project Budget.

David Mellema

Our Model Builder is a differentiator. It’s a knowledge base
of years of experience that can provide extremely customized
pricing very early in the construction process.

David Mellema, Preconstruction Director, The Weitz Company