White Paper: The Benefits of Digital Delivery for Facility and Asset Management Documentation Using BIM to FM

October 12, 2022  /  Videos, White Papers,

BIM to FM (Building Information Modeling to Facility Management) provides project owners with a more efficient and insightful way to operate and maintain their facility by converting key information to easily accessible digital data.

In this white paper, Jake Cowan, Project Manager at The Weitz Company, explains how BIM to FM converts key information such as O&Ms, warranties, and as-builts to digital data that can then be tied over to the facility operating system of the project after the turn over is complete. This process provides owners with an efficient way to operate and maintain their facility as shown at the Kansas City International Airport New Terminal in Kansas City, Missouri.

“Early adoption of BIM to FM is allowing the owner to take advantage of the abundant information that is used during a construction project and directly import it into their asset management system.”

Jake Cowan, Project Manager, The Weitz Company