White Paper: Dusty The Robot – Bridging The Gap In Construction With Technology

January 19, 2024  /  White Papers,
Accuracy That Spans Multiple Languages And Construction Needs

In this white paper, James Kirk, Senior Project Executive for The Weitz Company – Mission Critical, highlights Weitz’s work leveraging Dusty the Robot to overcome language barriers and other obstacles on data center jobsites.

As technology evolves at a rapid rate, industries around the globe hustle to innovate their practices accordingly. The construction industry is no different when keeping up with advancements coming out of Big Tech companies. So much of the building process is done with the aid of computers, AI, and virtual planning. The traditional practice of moving the blueprint markings from paper to the jobsite takes time, skill, and accuracy, and if done incorrectly, can place the project’s safety, budget and schedule at risk. Acknowledging this obstacle, The Weitz Company is constantly looking for solutions, like Dusty, to innovate and simplify this process.