Weitz Named Design-Build Contractor by Bombardier on PHX Sky Train® Project

May 14, 2018  /  Press Releases,

DES MOINES, Iowa – The Weitz Company has been selected by rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation as the design-build contractor for an extension to the PHX Sky Train® guideway and maintenance facility, reuniting the two companies that constructed the existing guideway system at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The scope of work associated with Stage 2 covers a 2.5-mile extension to the airport’s Rental Car Center, two new stations and an expansion of the system’s maintenance facility to accommodate Stage 2 operations and train maintenance. In addition, 24 cars will be added to the fleet along with upgrades to work completed during Stage 1.

“We are honored to be on Bombardier’s team,” said Kimberly Davids, general manager of The Weitz Company. “This is an exciting time for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport as it embarks on a project that will improve mobility around the airport and enhance the overall passenger experience.”

The extension of the PHX Sky Train will provide airport passengers with more reliable and efficient access between airport facilities and the Rental Car Center. In addition, there will be a reduction in airport roadway congestion.

Weitz first teamed with Bombardier during the construction of Stage 1 and 1A of the PHX Sky Train, which included 3.2-miles of dual lane guideway beginning at the 44th Street & Washington Valley Metro Light Rail station with stops at the East Economy Parking Lot, Terminal 4 and Terminal 3, as well as the maintenance facility. The Weitz project team invested in learning and understanding the complex train system. This dedication allowed Bombardier to achieve high results on Stage 1 in which it has achieved 99.5 percent availability each year since the system first opened in 2013.

“I am excited to continue building our relationship with Bombardier and the airport that began during Stage 1,” said The Weitz Company Project Manager Andrew Klem. “Our proven safety, quality and management processes were key factors in the success of the previous stages, adding exceptional ride quality and reliability to an already robust Bombardier system. Our team is committed to providing the same level of customer service and product excellence on this project.”

Design of Stage 2 began in April and will continue through February 2019 when construction is scheduled to start. Stage 2 will open in 2022.

The Stage 2 design-build team will comprise of The Weitz Company; Deutsch Architecture Group; Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.; Meade Engineering; and Kraemer Consulting Engineers. Wilson Electric; Commercial Air; Suntec Concrete; Perez; and Bell Steel are critical trade partners.