The Breakers Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL

Since 1992, The Weitz Company has been on the premises of this nationally registered historic hotel, serving as the preferred design-build vendor and trusted partner in upgrading and renovating the 142-acre property. Weitz has managed the historical restoration and revitalization of a significant portion of the resort property. Many of the building’s facilities have gone through multiple renovations and some constructed new.

Assignments have included the renovation of the Seafood Bar; The Flagler Steakhouse; Beach Club; HMF; and Breaker’s West Clubhouse. Room renovations have been completed in segments in 2001, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014 and 2015. Additional projects include the award-winning beach front bungalow project, retail spaces for Burberry and Ralph Lauren Polo and renovation of the spa and courtyard.

All projects at The Breakers are completed on a fast-track basis while the hotel remains in full operations. Weitz sought out innovative solutions to deal with the various constraints of the job to ensure milestone dates are met.

Working for one of North America’s finest luxury resorts is a privilege and The Weitz Company is proud to have completed every Breakers project on time and within budget. Our teamwork, attention to detail and commitment to quality has led to total satisfaction on the part of our client.

“Weitz has been our exclusive contractor since 1992 because of their integrity, commitment to quality and performance. It would be impossible to complete our projects on schedule, on budget and in accordance with quality specifications without an extraordinary level of teamwork between our two organizations. We share common values and culture of excellence.”

Paul Leone
President, The Breakers Palm Beach