Grow With Weitz: Project Engineer Reflects On Second Career in Construction Upon Re-Entering the Workforce  

October 24, 2023  /  Grow with Weitz,

Annette Roose didn’t follow a traditional path into the construction industry. She charted her own course with The Weitz Company, constantly seeking out opportunities to challenge and develop her capabilities. And after a decade at Weitz, with significant projects under her belt, Roose encourages others to do the same. 

“With Weitz, the sky is the limit on what you want to do,” Roose said. 

Prior to entering the construction industry, Roose was a stay-at-home mom looking to get back to work. When her friend at a small contracting firm called asking for help, Roose jumped at the opportunity. The position gave her a chance to develop the skills that make her invaluable to Weitz today.  

As a project engineer, Roose keeps the Weitz Supply Chain team organized and on track, managing key project details and leading core accounting and contract functions.  

Her trajectory at Weitz is the perfect illustration of how employees are encouraged to expand their skills and step into “stretch roles,” where they are entrusted with greater responsibilities as they gain competencies and expertise. 

During her time with Weitz, Roose has played a role in several significant industrial projects. Her portfolio includes the construction of the Iowa Fertilizer Company’s manufacturing plant in Wever, Iowa. The $3 billion nitrogen plant represented Iowa’s largest capital investment when it opened in 2017. 

Roose was also instrumental in the construction of a boxed beef distribution center in Arkansas City, Kansas, a project she lists as one of her favorites.  

Outside her primary role, Roose has also taken on leadership roles in industry organizations, serving as treasurer of the National Association of Women in Construction since 2019 and serving on Weitz’s Industrial Safety Steering team for several years.  

Always searching for ways to better herself, Roose has taken advantage of training opportunities at Weitz and through the Master Builders of Iowa to add to her professional credentials and polish her skills.  

“Annette is always willing to learn and take on new roles in Weitz. Her energy and commitment to excellence are why she is such a valued member of our team.” 

Kyle Wegner, Director of Supply Chain at The Weitz Company

To Grow With Weitz means to seek out opportunities, to become a leader, and to share your knowledge and expertise with the people around you. Annette Roose has set and exceeded that standard for years.  

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