SOVA Apartments

Denver, CO

SOVA, a 12-story apartment project, is planned to take shape at the northwest corner of 19th and Grant Street in Denver’s uptown neighborhood. The building will feature 211 apartments and six of the units will be walk-up townhome style units that will activate Grant Street.

Amenities featured at SOVA are a fitness room; community room; golf simulator; and fourth-floor courtyard. A sky deck will be showcased on the 12th floor, and the structure will have below grade parking for 210 cars.

Building the WeitzWay /

Weitz capitalized on BIM to support the prefabrication of exterior, load-bearing wall panels that were delivered Just-in-Time for installation over a six-month period. The exterior walls came 100 percent finished, needing only windows inserted to complete the exterior skin of the building. From production to installation, the panels were tracked using unique QR codes that can be scanned by an iPad.

The QR code contains data derived from the model about the wall panels, guaranteeing each individual 10-foot tall by 20-foot wide panel was received and placed within the exact flow of construction for which it was designed. If any concerns were experienced in the field with a wall panel, then its QR code could be scanned by field professionals to submit an RFI back through the model to identify the quickest resolution possible without compromising the project’s accelerated schedule.

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