C-17 Fuel Cell Nose Dock Hangar

Hickam, HI (Joint Base Pearl Harbor)

This project consisted of the design and construction of a 32,016-square-foot fuel cell nose dock hangar serving as a maintenance facility to support the C-17 mission on Oahu. The facility consists of an aircraft hangar/nose dock, an aircraft fuel system maintenance shop, administrative space with audio/visual conference capabilities and other support spaces.

The site work included landscape grading and aircraft and vehicle paving. The C-17 project consisted of a concrete masonry unit (CMU) hangar building with a long span structural steel roofing system, which had open spans ranging in length up to 202 feet. The 22,000-square-foot hangar space combined construction of concrete masonry perimeter walls with structural steel columns and trusses and aluminum standing seam roofing/siding in the upper bays and roof.  The hangar features a steel sliding, six-leaf hangar door that is 200 feet wide with an aperture to seal around the tail of the C-17.

The hangar space includes necessary personnel life safety systems such as above wing fall protection, wet pipe fire sprinklers, a low-level high expansion foam fire retardant system, and a facility emergency backup generator. Mission critical items include 400-hertz aircraft power supply, overhead monorail hoist, shop air, breathing air, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensors and rotating ventilation booms for above wing maintenance.

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