10th & Acoma

Denver, CO

The 17-story, 393 Unit project is located in Denver’s Golden Triangle Neighborhood. The entire structure is comprised of Post-tensioned cast in place concrete. Exterior skin combines a mix of masonry, to blend the building with the neighborhoods historic aesthetic, but adds in a mix metal panels and stucco to bring a newer and modernized appeal. The first 5 floors of the project will house parking for the buildings tenants, wrapped with Townhouses and units on the Acoma and 10th Street sides. A pet lounge that expands to the outdoor dog run with operating overhead doors is located on the buildings south side. Bike storage and a repair shops is provided to tenants that prefer a alternative commute to their downtown offices.

Also included on the ground floor is two retail spaces, designed to house a restaurant anchor and coffee shop. Above the garage, the podium deck on level 6 will provide the communities amenities including game lounges, a 2-story gym equipped with a climbing wall, outdoor activities, and spa lounge. The pool was held off the lower deck and placed on level 17 to capture 360 degree views of the city and mountains. This deck is also equipped with a sauna and community room with full kitchen and outdoor BBQs.

Building the WeitzWay

Our quality control planning for 10th & Acoma focuses on engaging the owner and design team to ensure all parties understand the level of quality expectations prior to the work going into place. The use of mockups to understand the level of expectations are the best way to achieve this. We constructed a stand-alone, out of sequence mockup of the exterior skin to focus on critical exterior details and perform water testing of the envelope. Another key component of our plan is to include Lennar in “box walks” to confirm they are satisfied with how electrical outlets and other rough in components layout within each unit type before we proceed with drywall. Where mockups aren’t necessary, we conduct first work inspections to ensure subcontractors are installing the work correctly at the onset and not repeating mistakes process. Lennar is extremely satisfied with our performance to date at 10th & Acoma. As successful as Radiant was, 10th & Acoma is shaping up to be even more successful due to our continuous improvement, incorporation of lessons
learned and experience working together.