Doug Reeves and Aaron Anderson Recognized at the 2022 Master Builders of Iowa Winter Conference for their Commitment to Safety

May 6, 2022  /  News Blog,

DES MOINES, IOWA – At the 2022 Master Builders of Iowa Winter Conference in February, The Weitz Company had two individuals who received awards for their commitment to safety.

Doug Reeves, Project Superintendent, received the 2022 Safety Champion award. The award recognizes an individual who stands out for their positive efforts in exceptional performance and for leading others in their commitment to excellence on the job. Doug has been with Weitz for 27 years and has been a prime example of a safety leader in the industry. His diligence, passion, and ability to lead have made each project he has been a part of safe and successful.

Doug has had what I believe a major impact as it relates to safety performance within Weitz. I put him up on a pedestal in terms of he’s the one everyone wants to point to and say, “I want to be like Doug.” I think, for Doug, it starts with the fact, that he truly cares about people.

-Mike Tousley, Executive Vice President, The Weitz Company

Aaron Anderson, Vice President – Safety, received the 2022 Safety Professional Award. The award recognizes a key leader who keeps the safety program on track and helps ensure that all the components mesh together in the workplace. Aaron has been with Weitz for 16 years and started as a safety manager in the Omaha. Since then, he has been critical in improving company-wide safety performance and culture. His determination to “Lead with Safety,” which he helped initiate, has been influential across the entire company.

We nominated Aaron Anderson for the Safety Professional award based on his take on innovation and his goals around innovation for The Weitz Company. And how he is using innovation to keep his people safe and his goals on gaining access to leading indicator data and near miss reports, and how he can use that proactively and preventively to keep his folks safe and send them home at the end of the day.

Matt Joens, Customer Success Lead, MākuSafe

Congratulations to both Doug and Aaron for your well-deserved awards.