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It’s All About People

Safe job sites are all about our people. At Weitz, we believe it is our moral responsibility to make sure every single worker in the field and in the office goes home safely every day.  Our friends and families count on that. Our initiatives reach well-beyond wearing safety glasses and hard hats at the construction site. We make prevention and awareness second nature.

Safety Is Good Business

Not only is safety good for our people, it’s also good for business. Safe job sites produce construction projects that stay on schedule and on budget by avoiding costly delays due to unsafe practices. As a general contractor we believe safety is an essential business principle – as important to a project’s success as the construction processes.

ALL IN for Construction Safety Video

Click here to watch our CEO Len Martling and Executive Vice President Mike Tousley discuss our ALL IN For Construction Safety initiative 2013. The ALL IN safety program reinvigorates our existing safety policies, ever-striving to make the well-being of Weitz employees and all other workers on our jobsites a priority in everything we do.


Weitz has invested resources, time, and money to ensure that every job site is safe for our employees, subcontractors and suppliers – and this investment has paid off for our people and ultimately, our clients:

  • Low Injury Rates – Weitz maintains one of the lowest injury rates in the country – year after year.
  • Low Incident Ratio – Our lost-time incident ratio is half the national average – resulting in lower workers’ compensation costs.
  • Low EMR – Our Experience Modifier Rate of .62 is well below the national standard of 1.0 – resulting in lower insurance rates.