Kevin McClain

Chief Operating Officer

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Building a Better Way Since 1999

Kevin joined The Weitz Company in 1999 and has served customers in numerous project management, operations and executive leadership roles. After running the federal construction side of the business (Watts Constructors) for several years, he now oversees overall operations of The Weitz Company as COO.

Kevin is a construction engineer and is active in many industry association groups, including the Construction Industry Round Table and Associated General Contractors of America.

What makes Weitz such a great place to work?
Without question, it’s working with such great people – our customers, our employees, our design partners and our trade partners. Every company has a unique culture and companies with similar cultures tend to seek each other out to do business together. Weitz’s culture draws us to complicated projects where we provide our customers what are almost always initially unidentified needs, but by the end of the projects these needs become critical success factors or “delighters.” Our people feed off of finding, and delivering on, these items – and there is nothing more fun than having the opportunity to work with teams of people who are geared this way.

What is one thing everyone should know about The Weitz Company?
It’s the same answer as why I love working for Weitz. I literally have a career’s worth of stories that bring what I said above to life. I love sharing these stories and will make time any day to do so.

Something unique or interesting about me is …
I’m an extreme and endurance sports addict. There are few things in life that I enjoy more than the absolute focus extreme sports require or the clarity that comes from suffering for hours on end during endurance sports.

“I have the best job in the construction industry, and I've felt that way about every single position I've held at The Weitz Company over my entire career.”