Jim Wenzel

Leader, Heavy Industrial

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Building a Better Way Since 2015

After joining the company in 2015 to manage construction operations for our Heavy Industrial division, Jim now serves as the leader of this business segment by imparting 40-plus years of industry experience into our company. Jim’s expertise stems from managing projects of varying sizes (from $5 million to more than $1 billion) both domestically and internationally.

Jim has considerable experience in EPC and the construction of numerous process plants, refineries and chemical plants. Having performed nearly every role possible on a project, his leadership skills and extensive industry knowledge offers clients a superior option for managing projects — usually in a direct hire mode.

What makes Weitz such a great place to work?
The opportunity to work with a very professional team of people who will aid and assist in the effort to solve whatever problems may exist.

What is one thing everyone should know about The Weitz Company?
The very high level of transparency, honesty and core values that drive our business decisions.

Something unique or interesting about me is …
As a master gardener, I appreciate the diverse plants that grow. From antique roses to fruit trees, each has its own personality. You nourish it to produce a bountiful crop.

“As a construction professional, I appreciate the diverse people and cultures that I work with each day. You train and mentor these individuals to produce a successful addition to the Weitz family, which is a great fulfillment to me.”