Grow With Weitz: Rocky Mountain-based Superintendent Attributes Impactful Jobsite Relationships, Mentors, and More to Career Growth 

June 20, 2024  /  Grow with Weitz, News Blog,

Diana Foster feels like a kid going to work every day.  

As a superintendent for Weitz’s Rocky Mountain business unit, Foster comes home from the jobsite dusty and dirty – and couldn’t imagine a better way to work. 

“It definitely has its stressors, but a big part of the job feels like playing – getting to climb scaffolds, walking around and talking to people, and having fun while we’re doing it,” Foster said. 

It took some trial and error for Foster to find her course. She left Cornell University after earning a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in structural engineering. She started her career as a design engineer, but life behind a desk just wasn’t for her.  

Following a six-month trial stint in the field, Foster began looking for a way to shift to building construction. She eventually interviewed with The Weitz Company in Denver, Colorado and after starting as an engineer, began transitioning to a superintendent, overseeing critical project elements.  

Her first job as a superintendent is still her favorite – the Citizen Apartments project in Denver. “Everyone wanted to be there, everyone wanted to coordinate, everyone wanted to work together, and I feel like that’s why it was such a successful project,” Foster said.  

Foster credits the Weitz environment for helping her to grow into her career and forge a path that works for her. In fact, Foster isn’t sure she’d be a superintendent today if she worked for another general contractor. 

Citing the mentorship and support she received as a woman in a predominantly male field and as a young mother on a jobsite, Foster says that the opportunities Weitz has provided for her to learn and grow have helped her develop confidence and enjoy her role more and more. 

“You get out what you put in,” Foster stresses to employees in the construction industry. She encourages newcomers to invest time in building relationships and finding the right mentors, as she has at Weitz. By making that investment, Diana Foster gets to go to work every day and have fun with her coworkers, building new additions to the Denver skyline. 

“Diana is the ultimate team player,” said Laura Eathorne, Weitz Rocky Mountain General Manager. “She brings the best out of her colleagues and creates an environment built on collaboration. We’re excited to see what the future holds for her.” 

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