How Food Safety Protects Your Customers and Your Brand

January 4, 2017  /  News Blog,

For decades, food safety has been a major focus of leading processors and distributors of food and beverage products. The flurry of recalls and outbreaks during the 1990’s and the 2000’s uncovered the importance of having a cohesive food safety and product recall program.

Within the last few years, something else changed — the public’s access to information grew immensely.

News about foodborne illness outbreaks caused by poor sanitation and food safety spreads more rapidly than ever before. That not only means your customers are instantly aware of the connotations and consequences of your food safety issues, but it also means your brand could be negatively impacted just as quickly.

Taking on Food Safety Internally

Even before the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed in January 2011, several worldwide organizations focused on improving and promoting food safety throughout the supply chain. Unfortunately, these organizations lacked the ability to enforce the application of well-known food safety initiatives and guidelines.

However, major food processors and distributors began developing and implementing their own corporate food safety programs to protect their consumers and their brands. Some progressive processors even partnered with companies to develop joint programs, promote research and enhance the quality and integrity of the food supply chain.

Food Safety Focused Organizations

There are numerous organizations worldwide that focus on implementing and enforcing good manufacturing practices applicable to food and beverage. Each one targets specific markets, products, and geographical areas.

As a result, the industry must adhere to a comprehensive list of regulations, standards and codes that apply to all aspects of the food and beverage supply chain. Becoming knowledgeable and complying with all these regulations is paramount for all processors and distributors. A lack of compliance and follow up will prevent you from reaching consumers and distributors both domestically and internationally, while exposing you to severe situations that can harm consumers.

What You Need to Know

It is no longer just a matter of complying with codes and regulations but also a matter surviving in a very competitive market with a very sophisticated, informed and demanding consumer base.

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